You Need Light to See

Don't think that some tomorrow you'll see God's Light
You see it now or err in darkest night

--Angelus Silesius

I awoke this morning with these words in mind: You need light to see.  On the face of it, nothing could be more obvious.  And yet how much time and energy go into trying to see in the dark?  We seize on some dimly remembered scrap of illumination and wax eloquent about shadows thrown up on the wall.  Comes the dawn, and everything is laid out plain as day.  It's so simple. 

Monet painted light rather than the objects of illumination.  It seems a small distinction.  How else do you paint light except by rendering what you see by it?  Yet when you look closely at Monet's canvasses, there are no objects, only color.  Step back and a world emerges.  Therein lay his genius.

How is God rendered?  Certainly not by the objects of creation, any more than we can comprehend the workings of a film projector by what we see on the screen.  The ancient Hebrews were forbidden from worshipping graven images.  These days we supposedly know better than to bow down to idols of stone or wood.  Yet we worship concepts, which are no less the work of our own hands.  We mistake theology for God.

Wait for the light, and everything becomes clear.  No amount of intelligence or learning will avail us if we try to grope our way in the dark.  Only heat is generated when blind people argue about the light.  To see, you need light, and that comes only by grace.

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