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He thought it not robbery to be equal with God. (Philippians 2:6)

Is it a sin to use the Lord's name in vain if your name is God?  This is one of many novel theological questions raised in the case of a Berks County, Pennsylvania man who signed God's name to a voter registration form. He insisted it was his legal signature.  He was technically registered as Paul S. Sewell but claimed that "God" was his legally designated mark, like the "X" commonly used by illiterates.  Sewell said his work as a bail bondsman inspired him to adopt "God" as his nom de guerre, since so many fugitives invoked the name of the deity when he arrived to bring them into custody.  That was how he signed his driver's license and at least one credit card.  He also presumably confirmed the suspicions of many stalwart party members by registering God as a Republican.

These days, claiming to be God might lead to bureaucratic entanglements with the registrar of voters but otherwise is unlikely to have severe repercussions.  At worst, you might be hauled in for psychiatric evaluation.  But there is no longer much danger of being taken too seriously.  At one time, you could get yourself killed using the Lord's name in vain, particularly if you claimed it as your own.  The Pharisees were prepared to stone Jesus of Nazareth for saying, "I and the Father are one."  Not only did he risk life and limb, he ran the even bigger risk of being misunderstood. Jesus never said, "I am God and you are not."  Quite the contrary, in fact.  He told them, "You are gods."  As for saying that he and the Father were one, he also prayed that all would be one with the Father. 

The issue is not so much whether Jesus was the son of God but whether he had an exclusive franchise.  It is one thing to be the only begotten son of God and quite another when every Tom, Dick and Jane can claim the same lineage.  If everyone got in on the act, what need would there be for religion?  However, if you are tempted to become God rather than worship him, be warned.  God may not be an exclusive franchise, but there is only room for one of you.  "I am the Lord, and there is no other," the prophet Isaiah was told, meaning not just that there is no other god but that God is all there is.

John 10:22-38
John 17:20-23
Isaiah 45:5

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